A magnificent, deep blue eye formation located in the middle of the Lighthouse Reef – a small atoll in the Caribbean Sea – the Great Blue Hole is a true geological marvel. Located at 70kms off Belize City (Belize), this 318m diameter sinkhole is surrounded by a ring of corals. Formed during a series of glacial periods, the Blue Hole is composed of a 124m deep underwater cavern, with giant stalactites, stalagmites, and columns, which formed when the cavern was above sea-level. Made famous by the French explorer, conservationist and researcher Jacques-Yves Cousteau, today, the Great Blue Hole is a prime destination for experimented scuba divers and adrenaline-seeking skydivers.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole requires a certain level of experience and excellent weather and water conditions. To get to the hole, one must embark on a 3hr long boat ride from San Pedro, Belize. Diving trips can be booked with Amigos del Mar, for a comfortable boat ride and experienced dive masters. Guided by the latter, as you descend in the blue hole, colours will give place to a gloomy hue the deeper you go. You will then have, for only reference, a limestone wall to your left. As you explore the hole, you might even come across Caribbean reef sharks. At 40m deep, the maximum depth you could go, you will encounter the cavern, an underwater natural cathedral. There, you will find yourself exploring an eerie place, where you wander under silhouettes of sharks circling over you, and a dark abyss below you, before slowly ascending back to the surface after a 30min spectacular dive.


Although the Great Blue Hole is most commonly experienced through scuba diving, the best way to fully admire the beauty and grandeur of this natural monument is from up in the air with Astrum Helicopters. To add a boost of adrenaline to your view, opt for a skydiving journey over the Great Blue Hole. Since 2005, skydiving over the Blue Hole has become an adventure of a lifetime. Skydive Belize offers a series of thrilling tandem dives allowing you to jump from a Cessna 182 into the warm water of the Caribbean Sea surrounding the Great Blue Hole. You will have the chance to capture the most spectacular videos and photos, before joining a dive boat for a scuba dive. Skydiving expeditions are offered weekly from December to April in San Pedro, if the weather is favourable, as safety is Skydive Belize’s number one priority. Do not wait any longer and book a trip to Belize to meet the Great Blue Hole and enjoy the Caribbean Sea’s many natural wonders!